Current newest version: alpha v0.8.1. Changelog - Play!


Sanicball is a stupid, silly game that throws away complex gameplay mechanics, character progression and microtransactions in favor of pure fast. It features the all the latest dumb internet memes thrown together in a blender to form a truly europhoic circlejerking experience. This wasn't the original intention but it ended up happening anyway.

The game is currently in active development again, and has been made fully open source. See below for the GitHub link.

If you like the game, feel free to check out my other work here.


Play on Game Jolt

There's a browser based version, but it has to load from the beginning every time you refresh the page. Download the game if you find this loading time annoying.

Github page

From here you can access the full source code of the game. You can also contribute to development or fork the game if you want to.

Version archive

Play all the older, even crappier versions of Sanicball, all the way back to the first release originally only shown to my friends. This also works as a mirror for the game in case Game Jolt is down.

Development blog

This is where I post crap. Go here for status updates and teasers for new content.

Subreddit (/r/sanicball)

Acts sort of as a forum for the game. Anything goes, as long as it's related to the game in some way.